Radiator Repair in Jasper, AL

Radiator Care & Repair

Why Are Radiators Important?

Here’s a question that may cross every driver’s mind: Can my vehicle handle the scorching temperatures this year? Everything is a breeze until we find ourselves in a situation where we may have to actually rely on said breeze because our radiator is forcing us to roll our windows down to stay cool. At Marks Automotive in Jasper, Alabama, we aim to raise awareness in the warmer seasons that your vehicle should always have the radiator and other related parts evaluated to ensure our customers and their vehicles can stay safe and cool. A radiator works hard to regulate your car’s temperatures by transferring the engine heat using tubes and fins. It uses coolant to absorb the heat by circulating through the engine to the radiator, and then once cooled, it finds its way back to the engine.

Signs Off A Bad Auto Radiator

How can we tell if one is faulty or operating poorly? One indicator could be issues with your A/C from clogging or a part with the radiator becoming flimsy. Keep an eye on your coolant temperature gauge to prevent overheating. If the coolant is not flowing as it should, this could be a sign of radiator issues. If you notice your coolant is leaking, check to ensure the cap is sealed and see if the hoses are fastened correctly or have holes. This can cause serious issues to your engine if not checked immediately, and you risk severely damaging it. Coolant is usually bright green when it is new. If your coolant is brown and you detect a foul odor coming from it, this could mean the coolant is old or the radiator is beginning to rust and causing contamination. Leaving this for too long could cause a blown engine, which would require a replacement, and the costs are never worth it. It is also important to look after the fins, as a bent fin could indicate the radiator having complications in dissipating heat. Fins are very thin and made of metal, so if not fastened correctly, they cannot do their job to help air flow through the radiator and cause leaks with the coolant.

Keeping Your Radiator Functioning

At Marks Automotive in Jasper, Alabama, we prioritize our customers. While we do not service European cars now, we are more than happy to service your vehicle even past our hours of operation. That’s right! At no cost to our customers, we provide a shuttle service to get you to and from our shop because we understand life goes on even if your vehicle may be down. You can give us a call or visit our shop in person to set up an appointment. Please check our site daily to see what specials we provide for your service needs.

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