Auto Radiator Repair

Auto Radiator Repair in Jasper, Alabama

Keeping Your Radiator Running Right

Signs You Need Radiator Repair

The radiator in your vehicle is meant to help cool your engine and keep your vehicle running at the proper temperature. When the radiator fails, or is failing, you’ll notice some pretty obvious signs it’s time to bring your vehicle to Marks Automotive for auto radiator repair. First, you may notice the temperature gauge on your dashboard is reading higher than normal. There may be white smoke or steam coming from under your engine hood. Your coolant levels may have dropped, or you may be finding coolant leaking from under the engine. These signs are trouble for the cooling system for your engine and should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid a catastrophic coolant system failure that can lead to engine failure or other expensive and time-consuming repairs. The team at Marks Automotive is here to help get the engine temperature under control and get your vehicle back on the road in the best running shape possible.